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Wood you like some music LP Vinyl Wall Mount

Show off your favourite records

High quality LP vinyl wall mounts and stands for record collections. Specially made for musicians and music lovers who are looking for something special.

We create high quality, handcrafted, stands and wall mounts for record collections. ‘Wood | you like some music’ stands for handcrafted objects, made from sustainable wood. Take a look at our record holders and shelfs to rest your vinyl record collection. Show off your favourite album covers, let them become part of your interior. Share the love for music.

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Vinyl record shelf and storage solutions for record collections

Show off your favourite album covers on your wall. Our variety of LP Vinyl Wall Mounts can hold your beloved vinyl records in a good looking way. They become a beautiful part of your interior.

Store your records safely and keep them in their Mint(M) condition! Take a look at our storage solutions. Give your vinyl records the care and status they deserve. Whether your records are old, vintage our brand new.

Why our handcrafted vinyl record holders stand out

  • They have a natural shaped look.
  • The wall mounts are handcrafted so truly unique, no item is exactly the same.
  • You can’t see how the shelves are mounted to the wall, no screws our mounting system in plain site.
  • They come with a very easy to install strong mounting system.
  • They even look good without any records on them.
  • We put a lot of effort and time in our products, you can see it. You can feel it.

High quality LP vinyl wall mounts and stands

Wood | You like some music is all about the love for music and for beautiful design

We are a France based company that makes high-quality, good looking, handcrafted record stands and lp vinyl wall mounts to show your records in your interior. It’s never been easier to mount them on a wall and show off your collection with handmade LP stands and wall mounts!

We like to use only the finest quality of wood, which is mostly walnut, our oak.

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