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A brief story

(The love for) Music, nature, design and craftsmanship combined.

Music and craftsmanship, the love for beautiful designed objects, respect for Mother Nature, the love for wood characteristics. This is our story

About Wood | you like some music

When I searched for a shelf to show my favourite album covers on the wall of my livingroom, I was really disappointed with te results. I found a lot of wall mounts, but nothing lived up to my expectations.

So after a google session of a few hours I gave up searching. Long story short: I phoned Michael, told him about my search. He was exited to think along. I sent him some sketches for the shape I had in mind. Short after I received the first version of our LP Vinyl Wall Mount.

As a (graphic) designer and music lover I’m still excited about that first design. Until today they are part of my interior. They still show my favorite records on my living room wall. I change the covers every month. Based on artist or genre. Sometimes based on colour. Never a dull moment!

The enthusiasm of both Michael and me gave us the motivation to start ‘Wood you like some music’. We started to create more objects related to instruments and record collections. Sharing the love for music, design, wood and craftsmanship! We hope you like it!


I love the calm of working with wood

My woodworking life did not start with my grandfather giving me my first chainsaw for my 1st birthday… neither did I finish my first fruit bowl by the age of 4 in a rustic work shed. Instead, I’ve actually had a few very interesting safaris before. I was a chef, I’ve worked in a monkey conservation park and was contracted as a travel guide in Europe.

In my twenties, I’ve travelled a lot… escaping from my cosy but overcrowded home country, The Netherlands. During one of these journeys in Australia, I lent a hand to a guesthouse owner, who was making a tree-trunk table… and discovered my passion and love for that wonderful craftsmanship!

I love the calm of working with wood. It reveals new aspects with every project…new characters, wood grains and the demand for new skills. It is an intense & serene process, seeing a raw piece of wood transforming into my own ideas. Inspiration is always near… I’m living in France with my lovely wife and cat on a hilltop, overlooking the stunning Pyrenees mountain range…


Nice to meet you
‘When there is love in the house, it’s a palace for sure!’
Tom Waits

At work: Craftsmanship near the foot of the French Pyrenees