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Stand for Orba and Orba 2

Published on
11 April 2023

Music has always been a significant part of human culture, and with technological advancements, new instruments are being introduced in the market. One such instrument that has gained popularity in recent 2 years is the Orba and Orba2 by Artiphon. This compact instrument can be played in multiple ways, making it an ideal choice for music enthusiasts. To make the playing experience even better, a wooden stand for the Orba and Orba2 has been created.

Allows the sound to resonate freely

The wooden stand has been designed to create a better stand-alone sound when playing the Orba or Orba2. When the instrument is placed on a surface such as a table or desk, the sound can often be muted or distorted. However, the wooden stand provides a solid base that allows the sound to resonate freely, creating a clearer and more defined tone. There is enough room for your headphones to plug in. Our connect it to your computer and sound system.

Unique stand for Orba

The stand has been handcrafted from sustainable wood, which not only makes it eco-friendly but also gives it a unique and beautiful look. The natural grain and texture of the wood are visible, making each stand one of a kind. Additionally, the wood used in the making of the stand has been carefully selected to ensure durability and sturdiness.

Apart from enhancing the sound quality, the wooden stand also serves as an elegant display stand for the Orba or Orba2. The stand has been designed to hold the instrument securely, and the angled position allows the player to have a comfortable playing experience. The stand’s design also ensures that the instrument is not easily knocked over, providing a stable base for the player.

The wooden stand for Orba and Orba2 is a perfect example of the beauty and functionality of handcrafted items. The stand not only enhances the sound quality but also serves as an elegant display stand. Additionally, the use of sustainable wood makes it an eco-friendly choice for music enthusiasts who care about the environment. If you are a proud owner of an Orba or Orba2, then this handcrafted wooden stand is a must-have accessory that will enhance your playing experience.