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On this page you find some frequently asked questions. If you can’t find the answer you are looking for, feel free to sent us a message.

Is everything handcrafted?

Yes our products are all handcrafted. We use some machinery with our hands attached like a saw our sander for rough work. Everything is made in Michael’s workplace.

What kind of wood do u use?

We use different kind of woods. Mostly oak, beachwood and walnut. All sustainable wood benevolent shared by Mother Nature.

How do I mount the wall mounts to my wall?

You can easily mount your product by yourself. There will be a description in your package along with the product. You’ll also find more information in our blog.

What are your shipping costs?

We ship from France to all over the globe. Therefor your shipping costs will be automatically determined on the checkout page. These costs are the actual costs based on the weight of the product, packing material (very important) and your shipping address.

I did not receive my package yet?

Please check the approximate delivery times.
• 2-5 days within France
• 6-10 days within the European Union
• 10-21 days To Australia/New-Zealand & Asia, Canada/USA & South-Africa.

When you think there is something wrong, please let us know.

It’s good to bear in mind that exceptions do occur due to Covid-19, strikes,  flat tires, roadblocks, fallen trees, doing private shoppings during work shift, lost keys, cancelled weddings and diligent custom officials. As you will understand, therefore we cannot be held responsible.

What’s your price structure?

Our products price is based on materials and the time we put in to them creating. Depending on the kind of product some of them take a lot of time. Specially the finish. With sometimes five stages of sanding, before watering, one final sanding session and waxing with bee wax.