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LP Vinyl Wall Mounts

Published on
03 January 2019

Put your favourite album covers on the wall. With our variety of LP Vinyl Wall Mounts you can show off your records. Our shelves will upgrade your interior. High quality objects with a natural look and design. Our mounts are unique, handcrafted and from sustainable wood. Share the love for wood and music.

I searched for a shelf to show my favourite album covers in my livingroom. Unfortunately I was really disappointed with te results. I found a lot of wall mounts, but nothing lived up to my expectations. Read about it in our story. Now we create them ourselves. Therefor our wall mounts has to live up to our own following queries:

  • They are handcrafted.
  • They have a natural look.
  • You can’t see how the shelves are mounted to the wall, so no screws our mounting system in plain site.
  • The wall mounts are unique, no item is exactly the same.
  • They even look good without any records on them.

To be honest. I know why I could not find a vinyl wall mount to answer my demands. It simply takes a lot of effort and time to make them. The price you pay for creating something special I guess. We put a lot of love in our designs. We believe our fair price for a handcrafted unique product will be appreciated by our customers.

Handcrafted LP Vinyl Wall Mounts

It takes up to one and a half day to make three wall mounts. The working proces include the following steps:

  • Saw a rectangle and plan it flat on two sides
  • Drilling / milling holes / hanging gear
  • Make a rough shape with power chisel
  • Sand sharp edges off with flap disc P80
  • sanding by hand: 1st time P120, 2nd time P180
  • dipping
  • blowing and heating under high pressure
  • sand with P240
  • blow off fine dust with a compressor
  • waxing

Step 1: Saw a rectangle and plan it flat on two sides

Step 2: Drilling / milling holes / hanging gear

Step 3: Make a rough shape with power chisel

Step 4: Sand sharp edges off with flap disc P80

Step 5: Sanding by hand: 1st time P120, 2nd time P180

lp vinyl wall mount

These LP Vinyl wall mounts are made from the best kind of wood

We use oak most of the time, but there is walnut and beachwood as well. Read more about it.

We like a natural look for our LP Vinyl Wall Mounts

The shelves are shaped with round forms. Like the shape of rocks in a stream formed by erosion. Wood characteristics speak for them selves. Together they create a natural look. We call it natural design. With a variety of different wax we give them a light our dark finish. Specially the light finish will present these wood characteristics beautifully.

Projects: Wood | you like some music in your (record) store

Do yo own a record store? Our some other kind of shop. Make our wall mounts part of your customer shop experience. Contact us. Let us know about your ideas. We’re happy to think along and make a custom design specially for your store our shop.