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Author: Vincent@WYLCM

Stand for Orba and Orba 2

Music has always been a significant part of human culture, and with technological advancements, new instruments are being introduced in the market. One such instrument that has gained popularity in recent 2 years is the Orba and Orba2 by Artiphon. This compact instrument can be played in multiple ways, making it an ideal choice for music enthusiasts. To make the playing experience even better, a wooden stand for the Orba and Orba2 has been created.

Allows the sound to resonate freely

The wooden stand has been designed to create a better stand-alone sound when playing the Orba or Orba2. When the instrument is placed on a surface such as a table or desk, the sound can often be muted or distorted. However, the wooden stand provides a solid base that allows the sound to resonate freely, creating a clearer and more defined tone. There is enough room for your headphones to plug in. Our connect it to your computer and sound system.

Unique stand for Orba

The stand has been handcrafted from sustainable wood, which not only makes it eco-friendly but also gives it a unique and beautiful look. The natural grain and texture of the wood are visible, making each stand one of a kind. Additionally, the wood used in the making of the stand has been carefully selected to ensure durability and sturdiness.

Apart from enhancing the sound quality, the wooden stand also serves as an elegant display stand for the Orba or Orba2. The stand has been designed to hold the instrument securely, and the angled position allows the player to have a comfortable playing experience. The stand’s design also ensures that the instrument is not easily knocked over, providing a stable base for the player.

The wooden stand for Orba and Orba2 is a perfect example of the beauty and functionality of handcrafted items. The stand not only enhances the sound quality but also serves as an elegant display stand. Additionally, the use of sustainable wood makes it an eco-friendly choice for music enthusiasts who care about the environment. If you are a proud owner of an Orba or Orba2, then this handcrafted wooden stand is a must-have accessory that will enhance your playing experience.

LP Stands and Vinyl Record Holders . The best Present for Music Lovers and Record Collectors

Looking for LP stands? Do you have vinyl records that you love but that don’t get the attention they deserve? These vinyl wall mounts and record stands will give your favourite records a place of honour in your home. 

Vinyl Wall Mounts And Record Stands: 2 Ways To Show Off Your Vinyl Records

If you’re lucky enough to have a vinyl collection, you want to show it off! But how? Here are two ways to display your precious records:

  1. Wall mounts. These come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find one that fits your style. Plus, they make it easy to grab a record and look beautiful in your interior.
  2. LP stands. These are great if you want to be able to easy move your stand in your room.

No matter which method you choose, displaying your vinyl collection is a surefire way to add personality to your home and inject some fun into everyday life!

lp Vinyl stand - now playing

Why Our Stands And Wall Mounts Can Make A Great Gift

If you’re looking for a unique and stylish way to show off your vinyl records, look no further than wall mounted vinyl record shelfs! Not only do they make a great focal point in any room, but they also make it easy to grab your favorite records and put them on display.

Vinyl wall mounts and record stands are available in a variety of sizes, styles, and finishes, so you’re sure to find the perfect one to match your home dĂ©cor. Plus, they’re easy to install and come with all the hardware you need.

So why not give the gift of music this holiday season with a vinyl wall mount or record stand? Your friends and family will love being able to show off their favorite albums, and you’ll love how easy it is to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

How to Display Your Vinyl Collection In Style

If you’re a vinyl enthusiast, you know that part of the fun is showing off your collection. But how do you do it in style? Here are some ideas:

  1. Get a vinyl wall mount. These allow you to display your records on the wall like art. There are all sorts of different designs available, so you can find one that fits your style. You can find them in our shop.
  2. Get a record stand. This is a great way to show off your favorite records while you listen to your music. Often called a ‘Now Playing’ LP Stand. Always fits somewhere near your record player.
  3. Get creative! There are all sorts of ways to display your vinyl collection in a stylish way. Get creative and see what you can come up with! Let us now about your ideas. Happy to think along and make it for you.
LP Vinyl Wall Mount with Gorillaz record on it
Listen to Gorrillaz Plastic Beach

Which Wood is Best for a Record Holder?

When it comes to choosing LP stands, there are a few things to consider. The first is the type of wood. There are several different woods that can be used for a record stand, each with its own benefits.

The most popular option is oak. Oak is a strong and durable wood that can support a lot of weight. It also has a natural classic look that goes well with most decors.

Another popular choice is walnut. Walnut is a beautiful wood with a mix of dark and light color. It’s also very strong, making it ideal for holding heavier records. Wood characteristics resolve in a truly unique lp stand our lp vinyl wall mount.

No matter which type of wood you choose, we make sure it’s properly finished and sealed so it can withstand years of use. With proper care, your LP stand our record holder will last for many years to come! Have any questions about our handcrafted stands and wall mounts? Please contact us.

Rule of thirds

In art there is something called the rule of thirds. When u purchased one of our wall mount 3 series this might become interesting. Sure, you can mount them any way you like, fitting your available space. But when you don’t want them in a straight line the rule of thirds could give you some guidance. In this post we’ll give u some information about the rule of thirds.

  • What is the rule of thirds
  • Asymmetric compositions
  • Play with compositions on the ground before mounting
  • Draw and cut out your composition

What is the rule of thirds?

The rule of thirds dictates that if you divide any composition into thirds, vertically and horizontally, and then place the key elements of your image along these lines or at the junctions of them, the arrangement achieved will be more interesting, pleasing and dynamic. 

This rule is used frequently by photographers, but also painters and artists, who use the rule of thirds mostly for landscapes. However, it also works for a variety of other subject matter including still lifes, figures, portraits and even placing wall mounts.


It’s mostly known as a tool for composing landscapes. In this painting by Pierre Henri de Valenciennes, the horizon is placed in the lower thirds, and the large mass of mountains and scenery is placed in the left section, to create a more dynamic scene.

Asymmetric compositions

The main function of the rule of thirds is to help create asymmetric compositions. If the elements in a picture are centred and too balanced, it becomes boring. If the images are offset using the rule, the asymmetry and counterbalance of elements creates a much more dynamic picture.

Play with compositions

Play with your composition on the floor before mounting. Carefully put them on a big peace of paper. You can use a album cover with each mount to determine the space between them. In this way you can place them in a more interesting way.

Rule of thirds
At my own living room, the first demo wall mounts we made, positioned according to the rule of thirds
Rule of thirds composition

Draw and cut out your composition, use the rule of thirds

When you are happy with your comp you could draw them on your big piece of paper beneath. Cutout the forms and place the composition on the wall. Now you can determine where your mounts will be placed before mounting them. We think this guide will help you getting them in the right place.

Be careful not to draw your total shapes on the wall. You could end up with the lines still visible after mounting you’re wall mounts. We’ll sent an instruction manual along with each product to mount them the right way.

Find your Wall Mount in our shop.

Wood Characteristics

The very interesting thing about wood is not only its diversity in grain, color, fragrance & patterns….but as well, it can carry countless traces of its life on the planet.

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LP Vinyl Wall Mounts

Put your favourite album covers on the wall. With our variety of LP Vinyl Wall Mounts you can show off your records. Our shelves will upgrade your interior. High quality objects with a natural look and design. Our mounts are unique, handcrafted and from sustainable wood. Share the love for wood and music.

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